A virtual visit as a marketing tool

Photographs of real estate properties, public and cultural spaces are a perfect way to offer a sneak peak of places people are about to visit. There’s nothing like a strong photo of an exceptional space to attract attention!

Technical challenges of architectural photography
One of the top and most often encountered difficulty in taking photos of interior spaces is using natural light and balancing its intensity between the room and the outside view. The problem is that the indoor light is usually lower in intensity than the one outside. Bracketing is the technique used to counterbalance that effect as well as using reflectors. If we should use the existing artificial lighting (lamps, neons or floodlights) a color calibration is needed to avoid the view from the outside to be highly tinted with blue. There’s also the perspective alignment of the walls and ceiling to correct. Wide angle create distortion anamorphosis of volume that need to be considered and corrected with precision.