What is HDR Photography, And How Can I Use It?

You might have heard the enigmatic acronym “HDR” in reference to photography. It stands for “High Dynamic Range” and it creates photos with gorgeous, impossible detail and clarity. Keep reading to learn more, and see how you can use it. Today we’ll learn about the different types of HDR imaging, demystify some confusing terminology, and […]


10 Macro Photography Tips

The secret to successful macro photography is eliminating the variables. Here’s a small checklist of things that can get in the way of capturing your macro subject clearly and accurately, and how to get rid of them so you can get down to the business of turning the mundane into the extraordinary. 1. Check focus: When […]

Niagara Falls 008

Quick Tip: Learning to Shoot Waterfalls

  I find waterfalls fascinating. I’m not sure whether it’s the wonder at the sheer force power of the falling water or the thought that this natural phenomenon has been carving it’s way through the rock for thousands of years, but I can’t help but be captivated by them. I can never resist photographing them! […]

Elakala Falls

How to Create the Misty Water Effect

Have you looked at a landscape photographer’s photo and wondered how they got the water coming down from a waterfall to look so misty? Or how did they get the ocean in a seascape photograph to look so smooth? My guess is that if you are starting out in landscape photography its probably one of […]