Free Photography eBooks

Want free stuff? Of course you do! I have compiled a list of free photography eBooks covering a wide range of photographic topics. 1 Simple Trick to Dramatically Improve Your Photography Lighting 101 – David Hobby (essential reading) National Geographic’s Ultimate Field Guide to Photography 31 Days to Overcome Your Fear of Shooting Street Photography – Eric Kim […]


What is HDR Photography, And How Can I Use It?

You might have heard the enigmatic acronym “HDR” in reference to photography. It stands for “High Dynamic Range” and it creates photos with gorgeous, impossible detail and clarity. Keep reading to learn more, and see how you can use it. Today we’ll learn about the different types of HDR imaging, demystify some confusing terminology, and […]


5 Tips to Take Great Photos of Your Family and Kids

Years ago if you wanted to have great photographs of your family you had to hire a professional family photographer. These days many families still take that option, but many are also choosing to buy their own DSLR camera and try to take photos of their family themselves. But many are disappointed with the results […]


10 Macro Photography Tips

The secret to successful macro photography is eliminating the variables. Here’s a small checklist of things that can get in the way of capturing your macro subject clearly and accurately, and how to get rid of them so you can get down to the business of turning the mundane into the extraordinary. 1. Check focus: When […]


Quick Tip: Learning to Shoot Waterfalls

  I find waterfalls fascinating. I’m not sure whether it’s the wonder at the sheer force power of the falling water or the thought that this natural phenomenon has been carving it’s way through the rock for thousands of years, but I can’t help but be captivated by them. I can never resist photographing them! […]


How to Create the Misty Water Effect

Have you looked at a landscape photographer’s photo and wondered how they got the water coming down from a waterfall to look so misty? Or how did they get the ocean in a seascape photograph to look so smooth? My guess is that if you are starting out in landscape photography its probably one of […]


How to Take Portraits With One Flash

While the strobist movement encourages the use of multiple wireless networks of flashes to blast away and create stunning portraits, a single flash may be all you can afford. Not to worry: There’s a lot you can do with one light source. Let’s face it: A good flash can cost hundreds of dollars, and once […]


The Nikon D7100, A Midrange DSLR for “Advanced Enthusiasts”

Nikon took the wraps off its latest DX-format DSLR, the D7100. Sporting a new 24.1-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 51-point autofocus system, the D7100 replaces the D7000 as Nikon’s flagship DX DSLR (the D7000 will remain in the lineup). Although it’s great for folks looking to upgrade from an entry-level DSLR, the D7100 has enough advanced features […]

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Blackwater Falls State Park

This weekend will mark the last time that I am able to visit Blackwater Falls state park, in Davis WV. I managed to snag a few shots of Elakala Falls and a nearby wooden water chute. To complete the afternoon I took a few shots of Blackwater Falls too.  


Important Questions to Ask Before You Take a Photo

Here’s a list of important questions you should ask yourself before you take a photo. These questions will help you take more creative photos. They will make you think about the photography process instead of merely being a person who switches roles with a machine and lets the camera decide while being the automaton who […]


How to Take Photographs in Low Light in 4 Steps

There are many photography situations you will find yourself shooting in where you have little ambient light. Remember photography is all about recording and capturing light. Therefore, low light settings create a relatively big obstacle for photography. However, there are ways to overcome this and to maximize the amount of available light you do have. […]


Understanding Aperture in 3 Steps

This tutorial is a supplement to my Understanding Exposure in 7 Steps article and completes my series on the exposure triangle. I’ve saved aperture for last because it can be difficult to understand without having the proper basics down. So if you haven’t, please read my previous articles to get up to speed. As I explained in […]


How to Break Out of a Photographer’s Rut and Take Your Photography to the Next Level

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a routine with your photography? That all your photos appear to look identical no matter how hard you try to change them up? Maybe you feel like you’re doing the same thing over and over. If so, you have found yourself in a photographer’s rut. A photographer’s […]


How to Develop Your Photographer’s Vision in 8 Steps

Writer’s have what they call their writer’s voice. To them, it’s the most important thing they must develop in order to be a successful writer. Ask any writer and they will probably tell you that it wasn’t until only after they discovered their “voice” that they were free to express themselves truthfully. For you, as […]


Understanding Shutter Speed in 3 Steps

In this tutorial, we will take a close look at one aspect of the exposure triangle – shutter speed. In my previous tutorial on Understanding Exposure in 7 Steps, I explained that the process of exposure requires three components, ISO, Shutter speed, and aperture. Each of these three components work together to record light. The exposure […]


Understanding Exposure in 7 Steps

This tutorial is an introduction to the concept of exposure in photography. Exposure is the heart of photography. In order to excel in your photography career, you must have a firm understanding of what exposure is and how it works. In this article I will discuss what exposure is and the three main components of […]


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